Chinese Tea Ceremony
Chinese Tea Ceremony

Chinese Tea Ceremony

After visiting the Great Wall of China, we were taken by our tour guide, Wang, to a Tea shop called, Tea Culture on the outskirts of Beijing. I was travelling with my mother and sister within China. Tea Culture was a quaint little shop that was rich in culture and history. Tea cups of all shapes and sizes were visible with umbrella’s dangling from the ceiling. There were fans and decorations displayed neatly on the isles. We were led into the backroom where a tea ceremony would be performed. 

We were introduced to Rainbow, our tea instructor for the ceremony. We were introduced to 5 different types of Chinese Tea. The tea’s were arranged neatly on the table categorically; baobab sieve table with a pipe bringing water in and out. Each tea had a different color, smell and technique to produce it. 


  1. Oolong Tea – It’s a green tea that’s good for digestion and helps with anemia. The taste is soothing and trickle’s easily down your throat.
  2. Jasmine Tea – It’s good for your liver, help’s clear a sore throat and eyesight. It smells and tastes like Jasmine’s. 
  3. Litchi Tea – This can also be mixed with Rose Tea. It is also known as the Beauty Tea. It contains Vitamin C and E. It doesn’t contain caffeine. It is good for the skin and sleeping. Its taste is pleasant. 
  4. Pure tea – it’s good for high blood pressure, high collateral, losing weight and diabetes. It’s like wine, the older it is, the better it is. It has a very flat taste. You’ll need to add honey to it.
  5. Fruit Tea – It’s the best tea that I tasted of the 5 different teas. You can drink the fruit afterward. The fruits include kiwi, strawberry, lemon, apple peach then you can add some hibiscus and roses after preparing it. It’s very good for digestion. It tastes like wine or a cocktail. 


Chinese people are very healthy because of the foods and tea that they consume. Rainbow confided to us that she lost a lot of weight after her pregnancy by drinking pure Tea and she showed us her picture. We then bought;


4 packets of the family pack of tea = 1000 Yuan

Family sized tea set = 1500 Yuan

Chinese dragon tea cup = 200 Yuan

Fan = 50 Yuan

Rainbow then threw in a complimentary “happy boy” to our purchases. This is a small toy that is used to prepare Chinese tea and ‘pee’s’ (removes tea from a hole) after tea preparation. 

A tea ceremony is definitely worth your while when visiting China. It helps you get a feel of the experience in itself is exceptional. 

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